Sports Lotteries​

Fully Insured Options

Sports Lottery Games can now be offered with fully underwritten Jackpots of up to €25m per game or event

Customised Game Types

Sports Lotteries can be developed in a number of formats such as Predictors, Selectors and Randomised Games

All Client types

The Global Lottery product is available to all B2B, B2C, State Run and White label Clients

Quick route to Market

Sports Products are available with a very short lead time and simple integration available in both seamless and ecommerce products ​​


Create Lottery Games around Major Sporting Events, Leagues or Promotions

Sporting Events and Leagues are a great way to tap into new revenue streams with our Sports Lottery products.

Games can be implemented for one off promotions or for entire seasons to keep players engaged and returning week after week.

All sports Lottery games are available in fully insured formats and can offer Jackpots of up to €25m per game

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