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Retail Lottery Operations

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Upgrade your retail lottery operations

Our fully-managed solution merges all types of land-based retail, mobile POS, and online sales into one seamless operation. It manages every aspect of day-to-day operations and includes a wide range of tools to provide a full 360-degree view of all lottery draws, player data, transactions, game management, agent management, payments, and more.

Our retail lottery software operates as a simple web-based plug-and-play solution, optimal for emerging markets or operators who are seeking to upgrade their existing terminal software without the lengthy setup process.

Retail Machine

Retail Lottery Operations

Marketing Automation

Utilising our A+ Jackpot Coverage, we can provide prize Insurance across all Prize tiers.

Payment Management

All Games are available in Lottery Messenger options and actual tickets are provided to players.

Customer Engagement

The Global Lottery product is available to all B2B, B2C and White label Clients.

Customer Management

Product is available with a short lead time and simple integration available in seamless products.

Analytics & Reporting

Giving you all the feedback you need to optimise your lottery platform.

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