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Future proof your government or state lottery

Our comprehensive solutions provide everything national and state operators need to update their traditional lottery systems to a streamlined online solution, taking advantage of the growing online space and meeting the needs of new lottery players who prefer digital convenience over traditional retail.

An online lottery platform from Spinola comes with a secure and scalable backend management system to handle all aspects of your day-to-day operations, including payment processing, player account management, KYC, marketing automation, and reporting and analytics.

national lotteries phones

Government & State Lotteries Solution Features

Marketing Automation

Utilising our A+ Jackpot Coverage, we can provide prize Insurance across all Prize tiers.

Payment Management

All Games are available in Lottery Messenger options and actual tickets are provided to players.

Customer Engagement

The Global Lottery product is available to all B2B, B2C and White label Clients.

Customer Management

Product is available with a short lead time and simple integration available in seamless products.

Analytics & Reporting

Giving you all the feedback you need to optimise your lottery platform.

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