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Versatile and comprehensive fundraising solutions that drive you to success

Create or upgrade your fundraising website with an extensive range of products (including lotteries, auctions, sweepstakes and more) that will drive supporter engagement, increase conversions, maximise revenue and generate interest in and loyalty to your cause.

Our powerful suite of software features simplifies the challenge of managing your fundraising efforts and gives you complete control and a full and detailed overview from a single point of access.

2 iphones charity brand

Fundraisers Solution Features

Marketing Automation

Utilising our A+ Jackpot Coverage, we can provide prize Insurance across all Prize tiers.

Payment Management

All Games are available in Lottery Messenger options and actual tickets are provided to players.

Customer Engagement

The Global Lottery product is available to all B2B, B2C and White label Clients.

Customer Management

Product is available with a short lead time and simple integration available in seamless products.

Analytics & Reporting

Giving you all the feedback you need to optimise your lottery platform.

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Fundraisers Solution Features

Create fully managed Fundraising Websites tailored to achieving your goals, with an extensive range of products and backend management features, suitable for all types and sizes of fundraising operations around the world.

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