Marketing Automation

Boost awareness and retention through a full range of marketing channels.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation


Keep players up to date on your news, events, and latest offers with an easy-to-use drag and drop newsletter editor.

Targeted Campaigns

Acquire and retain customers with emails targeted to segments of your audience and automated to respond to their actions in real-time.

SMS & WhatsApp

Extend your marketing campaigns to these popular channels to ensure your players are kept informed and engaged in your lottery platform.

Customer Journeys

Create engaging and personalised marketing campaigns that are targeted to sections of your player base.

Lottery Templates

Create a range of intuitive user interfaces for your lottery games with customisable designs to fit your brand and customer segments.

Live Editor

Edit your campaigns and marketing materials on the fly to fine-tune your customer experience, offers, and promotions.

Payment Management

Payment Facilities

Provide your users with a secure and streamlined shopping experience.

Payment Management

Customer Wallets

Give customers anywhere in the world a seamless online payment experience with digital wallets.

Subscription Billing

Set up subscriptions and recurring payments for lasting customer relationships and long-term revenue.

Payout Management

Set thresholds for automated payouts of winning claims to simplify the process of your operation.

Financial Operations

A bird’s eye view of all customer wallets and record of transactions across your platform.

Winning Claims

Make it effortlessly simple for your customers to claim their prizes from your lottery games.

Real-time Settlement

Ensure that customers receive payouts immediately and in real-time, directly to their customer wallets.

Customer Engagement

Make purchasing your products fun with a range of engagement tools.

Customer Engagement
Customer Engagament

Gift Cards

Allow customers to buy cards for their friends and family, attracting more players to your lottery games.

Loyalty Plans

Increase your customers’ investment in your brand and foster long-term relationships by rewarding regular players.

Promotional Campaigns

All the tools required to set up and run promotions to bring greater online traffic to your business.

Share and Earn

Encourage strong word of mouth with rewards for customers who bring their friends to your platform.

Alerts & Notifications

Set up and automate notifications for your players, putting key information at their eye level and driving engagement.

Bonus Engine

Award bonuses automatically based on preset conditions or at your sole discretion.

Customer Management

Customer Management

Operate securely with complete oversight over your platform's users.

Customer Management

Account Management

Manage customer accounts with full flexibility and a full overview of their activities and transactions on your lottery platform.


An easy-to-use, automated tool to restrict the sale of your products to only licensed jurisdictions.

KYC & Risk Management

Operate securely with all the tools necessary to meet KYC and responsible gaming requirements.

Customer Data

Manage all customer data within a certified, secure and encrypted environment.

Winning Processing

Automated processing of winning claims to lottery managers, prize indemnity underwriters, and auditors.

Analytics & Reporting

Giving you all the feedback you need to optimise your lottery platform.

Content Management System
Analytics and Reporting

Detailed Analytics

A complete overview of all transactions, payments, sales, and customer activities, with downloadable reports.

Event Tracking

Get a picture of your users’ moment-to-moment activities on your site in real-time, helping you to get a clear picture of player groups and their behaviours.

Lifecycle Auditing

Manage and monitor every stage of customers’ relationships with your business, with total control to deliver a seamless experience.

Cohort Management

Organise your customers into groups that can be targeted with marketing tailored to their preferences and behaviours.

Marketing Performance

Evaluate and optimise the effectiveness of your platform’s marketing initiatives with detailed feedback.

Custom Reporting

Create reports that are tailored to your needs with an exhaustive range of metric and dimension combinations.

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