Custom Lotteries​


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Our Custom Lottery Games gives all operators the ability to run their own fully customised Jackpot Games in the same or similar formats as the world's leading Lotteries.

All Custom Games can be offered with Jackpots of up to €250m per draw and follow the same formats as the leading global lotteries such as Powerball, Euromillions or Megamillions.

Jackpots are available as Fixed or Progressive and results are based on third party draws or a fully certified RNG.

Our Custom games are also available for operators who run their own Lottery Draws and can be intergated to our system for Machines that utlise RFID balls which provides immediate resulting within our systems immediately after each draw without any human intervention

Fully Insured Options

Utilisng our A+ Jackpot Coverage, we can provide prize Insurance across all Prize tiers for any Custom Game type for values of up to €250m per draw

Thrird Party and Direct Resulting

Custom Lotteries can utilise existing Draw results or Operators who run their own draws can intergate their Machines directly to our Lottery Management system for Direct Resulting

All Client types

The Global Lottery product is available to all B2B, B2C, White Label and Government Operations

Quick route to Market

Our Custom Lotteries Games are available typically within 2-5 days for existing clients and up to 3 weeks for new clients

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